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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

postheadericon Little Miss Wild Thing

Little Miss Wild Thing!
Scrap kit By Missy called DARK SECRETS HERE:
Tube of Choice I am using the cookie that comes with the kit super cute!
Font of Choice
Eye Candy(optional)
Vix mask which you can DL here:
Please make sure you use proper license when using tubes!
These tuts are my own ideas.
Please dont steal or rip my images apart.

Open new image 600x600
Open paper 8 copy and paste as a new layer.Raster new mask layer from image Vix Mask 410
Hit OK . Layers merge group.
Open Pin 1 re-size 500 Copy and paste as a new layer.
Select magic wand click frame modify expand by 5. Open paper 14 Selections invert delete drag paper under frame.Open Curly ribbon 2 re-size 250 copy and paste under frame in different spots like i have.Add Drop shadow.Open hearts1 re-size 300 paste under buttons 2 3 and 4 re-size by 150 Copy and paste at the bottom of the heart frame  as i have.Add drop shadow.Open metallic heart 1 and 2 resize by 153 copy and paste as a new layer.Use raster deform tool to rotate as i have.Add drop shadow.Open scissors re-size by 100 copy and paste as new layer in frame. duplicate mirror. I added gradient glow glow width-6.00 corners-25 opacity-100.
Open bottle 1 re-size 150 copy and paste as new layer add gradient glow as in previous step.
Open diary re-size by 150 copy and paste as a new layer place in front of bottle gradient glow. Same as previous step.
Open pinned heart re-size 125 copy paste right above the bottle.
Open word tape1 re-size by 100 rotate to the left copy and paste as new layer on top of diary.
open barbed wire re-size 300 copy paste at bottom of tag as i have.
Open beadstuff1 re-size by 200 copy and paste under hearts on right side of tag.
Open your tube as place how you want it.I used the cookie provided wildthingCK5 re-sized her by 300 and gave her a little gradient glow to make it pop. Same settings as we used above for glow.Or you can just add drop shadow.
You can add as many elements as you want the possibilites are endless. Remember to add drop shadow.
Add artist copyright info if needed add name layers merge and your done!My tut is just a guide you can totally make it your own!
Thanks again for trying my tuts!


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